Settling An Estate

After the death of a loved one, you will have to distribute assets and settle the estate. We understand this can be a complex and overwhelming process, and at Canavan Law PLC, we offer experienced guidance as you navigate probate. Our probate avoidance lawyer Bryan Canavan will walk with you through every step, helping you make the right decisions and avoid complications.

Probate is the legal process of settling a person's affairs by transferring estate assets after his or her death. This can be difficult, especially when there are issues with the beneficiaries or disputes over the validity of the will. While many people want to avoid probate, it is often not possible to do so. Our lawyer can help you with this and other aspects of estate planning matters.

What Happens During Probate?

Probate is essentially a court-supervised process that oversees the distribution of a person's estate according to his or her will. In many cases, the decedent will name a person to oversee the execution of the estate, but if not, the court will do so. During the probate process, the following will happen:

  • Collection and valuation of all property associated with the estate
  • Pay-off of remaining debts of the decedent
  • Settle any remaining disputes
  • Distribution and division of estate assets to beneficiaries according to the will

The executor of the estate will oversee this process, but if there is no will or no specified beneficiaries, the court will appoint a person to this role. If named as the executor of a loved one's estate or your family member died without a will, we can help you. Our attorney has extensive experience in probate law, and he can provide the guidance necessary to complete the process in a timely manner and protect the interests of your Arizona family.

Guidance For All Of Your Estate Planning Needs

If you are facing the prospect of navigating the probate process or you are unsure of how to handle estate matters after the death of a loved one, we can help. You can rely on our experience and commitment to your best interests. Contact our conveniently located Tucson office at 520-355-3920 or here to learn how you can schedule an evaluation of your case. Our firm has Spanish-speaking staff members to better serve you.