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January 2019 Archives

Estate planning mistakes can undo good intentions

No one enjoys contemplating their own demise. Sadly, it's true that one cannot avoid death or taxes, but careful estate planning can alleviate much confusion for loved ones. Arizona residents who are preparing to undertake this task may benefit from learning what common mistakes can undo their best intentions.

One day out of the year is most popular for filing for a divorce

Nowadays, it seems there is a special day set aside to honor or recognize nearly anything that comes to mind. That being said, while most of these are simple remembrances, such as National Cat day, there is one day that can have far-reaching implications -- National Divorce day. Regardless of the actual date, Arizona families who may be going through this ordeal often have many concerns.

Negative consequences of gray divorce

Divorce for those over age 50, also referred to as gray divorce, has doubled in the last 25 years and is at its highest rate ever. People are living longer with additional “bonus” years and for some, the thought of spending their golden years with someone they have nothing in common with is unbearable. Additionally, divorce as a whole has become more socially acceptable which makes the decision easier for an older generation.

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