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One day out of the year is most popular for filing for a divorce

Nowadays, it seems there is a special day set aside to honor or recognize nearly anything that comes to mind. That being said, while most of these are simple remembrances, such as National Cat day, there is one day that can have far-reaching implications -- National Divorce day. Regardless of the actual date, Arizona families who may be going through this ordeal often have many concerns.

According to statistics, the first business Monday of January is most popular for divorce filings. There are likely many factors that play a role in this phenomenon, including all of the stress that accompanies the holiday season. Special occasions tend to highlight the fact that a spouse is no longer happily married. Along with this realization, there is the stress of family gatherings and all of the expenses that mark the shopping season.

While it may be tempting to file for a divorce quickly, professionals advise those who are so tempted to take time to weigh possible alternatives. Having an open and honest discussion with either the spouse or another trusted individual may provide additional insight as to the best options. If a partner is willing, marriage counseling may help resolve some ongoing issues. However, for many couples, pressure over financial troubles and holiday stress may only be a small contributing factor when a couple decides that they have had enough.

Even though one January Monday appears to be the most popular for filing for a divorce, for many, the idea of remaining in an unhappy marriage is untenable regardless of what calendar date it happens to be. If an Arizona resident has come to the conclusion that a dissolution is the best solution, then they have likely weighed all of their other options before coming to this decision. An experienced attorney can provide assistance in structuring a settlement agreement that will be most suitable in light of an individual's unique needs.

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