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Study documents top reasons for most divorce filings

There are some indications that the overall divorce rate may be on the decline. In spite of this possibility, marriages still face the real risk of ending in a divorce. Recently, researchers attempted to point out some of the common causes for couples to seek a divorce. Arizona residents who are struggling with these issues may choose to file their own petitions to end their marriages.

Researchers decided to focus on those participants who have received nonreligious premarital counseling. However, in spite of the educational course on communication, several participants claimed that the instruction did not delve deeply enough to prepare them for the changes that occur over time. The study pointed out that there are several common reasons why a marriage may not survive. One of the first cited causes is lack of preparation for resolving conflict, including differing views on religious beliefs.

Surprisingly, relationships with in-laws influence whether a marriage will survive. Husbands who develop relationships with in-laws do well, while wives who do not set boundaries with her in-laws tend to strain a marriage. Illnesses and domestic abuse take a toll on relationships as both can undermine trust and feelings of equality. Two other serious issues include addictions and financial woes. Both can erode trust and increase tensions on finances and emotions.

The top four problems were immaturity when the marriage commenced, infidelity, ongoing conflict and lack of emotional commitment. The study, which relied on data provided by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, points out that it is often a combination of factors that eventually lead to the demise of a relationship. Arizona residents who have come to the realization that their marriage is no longer sustainable may be concerned about their financial stability after a divorce. An experienced attorney can help ensure that a settlement agreement will address one's current and future needs.

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