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Divorce may help former spouses focus on being better parents

Parenting is an exhausting job. When you add in the struggles of a troubled marriage, spouses may be unable to fully focus on their parenting responsibilities. Arizona families who are going through a divorce and are worried about parenting may choose to share custody.

It is sometimes claimed that children of divorce struggle both academically and socially. However, the tide may be slowly changing since more and more fathers are becoming more involved in parenting. Divorced fathers are discovering that they can form strong bonds with their children and make sound decisions on their own. Men have expressed a sense of relief and freedom when they are left to make parenting decisions without the worry that the other parent will override or undermine those decisions.

Studies indicate that children who spend more than 35% of their time with their fathers experience more success in school and behaviorally. Even though society often reinforces gender roles -- which may provide an advantage for women -- fathers are quite adept at nurturing. In spite of the push in many states to favor joint or shared custody arrangements, there is still a tendency to award mothers more custody time while requiring fathers to continue in the role of primary provider in many situations.

Unfortunately, fathers may be hampered in their desire to spend more time parenting as they struggle to make ends meet and satisfy the requirements needed in order to be awarded joint custody in some states. In the end, both parents can benefit from a joint custody arrangement through shared decision-making without interference and downtime to refresh when the other parent has his or her time with the children. Arizona parents who are struggling to arrive at a consensus regarding the many issues involved in their divorce may benefit from consulting with an experienced attorney. 

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