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Planning and professional advice can ease divorce costs, process

When a couple chooses to marry, they are not usually focused on the what-ifs. Unfortunately, many marriages do not stand the test of time and a couple finds themselves facing the prospect of a divorce. In order to avoid some of the harsh financial ramifications of divorce, there are measures Arizona residents can take into consideration.

In spite of any verbal agreements that a couple may arrive at, not having written documentation to support these agreements may come with a significant cost. If one spouse has purchased a home before a marriage, marital contracts can ensure that one's investments is protected in a divorce. Likewise, retirement savings can be subjected to court-ordered division in the absence of a prior written agreement. 

Though no one wants to plan for a divorce while preparing for a wedding, those who take the time to engage in this type of planning may reap the benefits in the long run should the marriage come to a premature end. If there are no existing agreements in place when a couple decides that a divorce is their best option, then the advice of financial professionals may prove to be invaluable. A certified divorce financial advisor can work alongside an attorney to help ensure that a property division meets the needs of the client.

Working with a team of professionals may provide spouses with the opportunity to start on firm financial footing in the aftermath of their divorce. Those who are not as prepared throughout the divorce process may run the risk of sacrificing their financial goals. Arizona residents may be best served by working closely with an experienced family law attorney who can help structure a settlement agreement that will meet their current and future financial needs.

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