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Planning and professional advice can ease divorce costs, process

When a couple chooses to marry, they are not usually focused on the what-ifs. Unfortunately, many marriages do not stand the test of time and a couple finds themselves facing the prospect of a divorce. In order to avoid some of the harsh financial ramifications of divorce, there are measures Arizona residents can take into consideration.

Divorce may help former spouses focus on being better parents

Parenting is an exhausting job. When you add in the struggles of a troubled marriage, spouses may be unable to fully focus on their parenting responsibilities. Arizona families who are going through a divorce and are worried about parenting may choose to share custody.

There are ways to effectively manage finances after gray divorce

The divorce rate for those over the age of 50 has doubled over the past 30 years. Though there are reasons for this increase, it is believed that those who have been remarried are more likely to seek a second divorce. Arizona residents who are facing a "gray" divorce may worry about how to plan for their retirement.

Study documents top reasons for most divorce filings

There are some indications that the overall divorce rate may be on the decline. In spite of this possibility, marriages still face the real risk of ending in a divorce. Recently, researchers attempted to point out some of the common causes for couples to seek a divorce. Arizona residents who are struggling with these issues may choose to file their own petitions to end their marriages.

One day out of the year is most popular for filing for a divorce

Nowadays, it seems there is a special day set aside to honor or recognize nearly anything that comes to mind. That being said, while most of these are simple remembrances, such as National Cat day, there is one day that can have far-reaching implications -- National Divorce day. Regardless of the actual date, Arizona families who may be going through this ordeal often have many concerns.

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